World’s winning weed Strains of Summer 2022, World’s winning weed Strains of Summer 2022

Las variedades de hierba ganadoras del verano de 2022

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You don’t have to be negative about smoking weed this summer.

We are in a golden age of weed breeding and enjoyment. In 2022, the country will have champion-grade ganja. It is legal in 19 states. The 5th most lucrative crop in America is the $25B legal industry. Modern marijuana has new flavors and deeper effects than ever before.

El 2022 Strains of summer from Leafly includes new cross-breeds of all-stars such as Wedding Cake (Dream Cake), Runtz (Red Bullz and Apple Tartz). It’s a summer full of nostalgia. There’s OG gas from the ’90s (Double OG chem), grapes from Alien Labs’ Y2K, and catatonic Hindu Phunk by Cypress Hill rapper B.Real. Kenji Fujishima, their South LA grower, has seven different OGs.

Fujishima stated, “Word on street is that gas will return–so much green weed; a lot OGs.”

You should lock the fridge because this summer, delicious new dessert varieties like Cookies’ BernieHana Butter or Seed Junky Genetics Georgia Pie are going to be in every kitchen. It’s a summer full of guaranteed delicious, candy-aisle, connoisseur-terps. Check out the Zkittlez crosses such as Zoap, Team Elite Genetics’ Pearadise and Karma Genetics’ Zowahh.

Leafly identifies the top-selling, award-winning and most popular hit strains this summer. We studied sales and search data and interviewed top breeders, growers and brands from across the US. We also smelled and smoked file cabinet full of delicious flavors. You can now sit down and join the zaza discussion. Delivery services are available to pick up your order.

Grab your ripped denim. Late ’90s OG Kush and Sour Diesel have roared back. The Emerald Cup Awards 2022, in downtown LA, saw the triumph of Rebel Grown Seeds Double OG Chem. All-star industry judges couldn’t deny the classic flavor of OGs: lemon, pine and fuel. They also noted that they have a heavy, high-THC after-work blast-off effect.

According to Rebel Grown breeder Dan Pomerantz Double OG Chem “two-thirds OG and one-third Chem with a splash of Sour” and will leave you feeling full, happy, and relaxed. Just what we need in these harsh realities. Rebel Grown’s breeder continues the legacy of Humboldt County’s greatness into the legal age. Dan was responsible for four of The Emerald Cup’s top 10 strains. He said, “It was great.” “I felt truly honored and validated.”

Woody Harrelson opened a new weed shop in Los Angeles with Double OG Chem. There are dozens of other Cali stores that carry it. Double OG Chem is available in many commercial gardens across the US, sometimes under a different name. If you are a fan of OGs, Chems or Sours and Glues then follow your nose and get a bag.

Get on the gas!

Animal Face

Sometimes, you may need to orbit the Earth so high that you can hear your pulse and heavy breathing. Lunatics can smoke Animal Face and exercise in beast mode at a gym. This winner can be enjoyed by mortals on their couch, if they are ready to go for the night.

Animal Face meets Face-Off OG, and Animal Mints is a celebration of the Seed Junky Genetics variety. We’ve been celebrating the Seed Junky Genetics strain ever since it jumped out the bag and bit us in Dec. The Leafy Buzz strain was transformed into a Leafly Strain 420 ’22. It also stays hot into the summer thanks to its first place finish at The Emerald Cup 2022 in the indoor flower category.

Fig Farms, the winning grower, says they have a lot of it this year so that all of us mortals can bask the glow of the judges’ favorite: expert-level and maximum fuel bite, dank cookie back notes, and scorchingly high-THC effects.

Nights and days of cake

Dream Cake

For a guaranteed good experience, bring home an Ice Cream Cake or Wedding Cake. Because the Wedding Cake strain is so delicious, it’s one of the most popular summer searches by stoners. Wedding Cakes can make people feel relaxed, stimulated, and hungry. These are all feelings that we could all use more in these hot, tense months.

What’s the easiest way to win? For delivery in Los Angeles and California, order Dream Cake (Weddin

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