Pharma Narcos Suppliers Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy and customer satisfaction is excellent. We don’t share any of our customers’ data to any third party for any reason. Because we know that confidential online drug purchases are not made public, we won’t give out any of our customers’ data. To ensure customer privacy, we use encrypted databases.

Privacy protection standards:

We all know there are many internet scams. Some are frauds, others are not scams. Others are not due to low privacy policies. We were customers before we started this store. This is why we use the best servers to protect our customers’ privacy. SSL is a secure network that processes your information.

What data do you need?

A newbie will notice that Pharma Narcos Suppliers only requires information as needed. There are some basics that you will need to establish an account on any legitimate website. We need to know some personal information about the cardholder in order to make sure that the payment transaction is secure and reliable. This will ensure that the customer receives their order within days.

We don’t ask our customers any irrelevant questions throughout the entire process, from the moment you order to the moment you receive your delivery. This is what has helped us gain fame within the drug industry in a few years.

Why do we use Cookies?

Cookies are used to provide the best possible response from our end. However, if you don’t want your browser to send cookies, you can give instructions to our web browser. Cookies can be disabled by users so that they cannot access certain features on the website. We use cookies to simplify the process and increase user satisfaction. Below are some of the reasons we need information to register or purchase items.

  • To get the information processed quickly
  • To provide a better customer experience on the website
  • Transaction headaches can be eliminated
  • Registering will allow you to receive email from Pharma Narcos Suppliers about upcoming products as well as other information. You can tell us that you do not wish to receive email from us. We are proud of the user experience we provide on this website.

By using PharmaNarcosSuppliers, you will be agreeing to privacy policies and do remember to check the privacy policies as it updates after time.

These changes were made on 21 Aug 2021.