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Per pack (14 seeds): 160$

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Buy Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds

Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds (Bubba Kush Seeds), available online with the best shipping policy to your door. Pharmanarcossuppliers is delivering quality products at cheap prices. You can now save money with bitcoins. We deliver worldwide using the most efficient shipping methods.

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Per Pack (14 Seeds).: 160 $

Bubba Kush Seeds

Bubba Kush is a huge Indica hybrid with a large following. According to the original L.A. farmer, one of the strain’s origins was an OG Kush (Bubba Kush seeds), but the other was an aurora borealis phenotype brought back from Mardi Gras New Orleans. This unnamed mother strain was affectionately called “Bubba” and has since been lost. Although it was not clonable, it was clonable and its seeds can now be packaged and sold.

Bubba Kush Strain

Bubba Kush and Bubba Kush Seeds are small- to medium-sized strains that produce thick, Indica-like buds. Also, the leaves can show purple variations sometimes.

Bubba Kush CBD

Bubba Kush CBD, along with THC is another amazing component of cannabis. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It gives you all the benefits of Indica but without the high psychoactive effects.

Bubba Og Weed

CBD levels are below in this Indica-dominant hybrid (20/80 Sativa/Indica ratio), approximately 0.4%. So Bubba OG Weed (Bubba kush seeds), isn’t recommended for patients who require that chemical. The THC level is very high at 22% to 25%. This creates a lazy and potent body high which reduces stress, stimulates hunger, encourages sleep, and promotes sleep.

Bubba Kush Seeds: What are the effects?

  • Euphoria Happy
  • Hungry
  • Relaxing
  • You are tired

Disclaimer – Please don’t misuse Bubba Kush Seeds due to the high THC chemicals in them after they are in their raw form. We don’t encourage any kind of misuse. The buyer is responsible for any misuse of the product. All products, including Bubba Kush seeds, are not for human consumption and we do not tolerate misuse. Any RESULTS that result from such are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this product.b

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